SBN Facebook Group Terms and conditions (“House Rules”)

Suicide Bereaved Network – Draft SBN Facebook Group House Rules

When registering with a Suicide Bereaved Network Facebook Group, you are agreeing to comply with the relevant policies, procedures and house rules of Suicide Bereaved Network. Noncompliance can result in removal of individual postings and/or removal of individual accounts from the service. We would like to draw your attention to our privacy policy and ask you to please read thoroughly before registering.

  1. To ensure the SBN Facebook Group is inclusive and safely moderated all posts must be in the English language.
  2. The SBN Facebook Group is intended for people aged 18 and above. If you are aged between 16 and 18 you can use the SBN Facebook Group if you have the support and expressed consent of a parent or guardian.
  3. To ensure the SBN Facebook Group is inclusive and safe, all forum users must adhere the following rules where failure to do so will result in the removal of posts and warnings:
    1. show respect and allow others to have their say, be courteous to others at all times;
    2. refrain from using offensive – including sexually explicit or suggestive – language;
    3. refrain from using sexist or racist comments or behaviour
    4. refrain from attacking; provoking; inciting; using offensive words or phrases to describe others
    5. or any other language or behaviour which are likely to cause offence
  4. The SBN Facebook Group is a service for individuals bereaved by suicide, it is not a marketing or communication medium for companies, researchers or products. All posts of this nature will be removed, and warnings will be issued
  5. Links to items for sale or the promotion of commercial website is not allowed on the Facebook Group. All posts of this nature will be removed, and warning will be issued
  6. Suicide Bereaved Network is not able to recommend individual counsellors, therapists or other professionals. This rule also applies to the SBN Facebook Group and we ask that members also refrain from doing so.
  7. The views of individuals expressed on Suicide Bereaved Network’s SBN Facebook Group do not represent the views of Suicide Bereaved Network.
  8. When registering, you are asked for specific information including email contact details. This information is held by Suicide Bereaved Network and is not shared with any third party. For details on how we store and use this information please read our privacy policy.
  9. The SBN Facebook Group is hosted and moderated by Suicide Bereaved Network. Our moderators are there to support SBN Facebook Group users in using the forum and ensure our policies are complied with. Please respect the role of our moderators.  Please note core moderating hours are between 9am and 7pm British Standard Time.
  10. The aim of the SBN Facebook Group is to provide a space for peer support for anyone bereaved by suicide. Suicide Bereaved Network reserves the right to remove or edit posts that do not meet this criterion.
  11. The SBN Facebook Group is a confidential space and operates under the same rules of confidentiality as our face-to-face support groups. Anything discussed within a particular SBN Facebook Group must be kept confidential to that Group.
  12. All SBN Facebook Group users are encouraged to report and alert issues to moderators using the Report button
  13. We reserve the right to give warnings to individuals if their posts are deemed to be detrimental to the Facebook Group; or to other SBN Facebook Group users on the or are in breach of the House Rules. If a warning is placed onto your user account moderators will inform the user only of the reason why this action has been taken. However, please be aware that in busier times moderators maybe dealing with complex situations and notifications of warnings may be delayed.  Details of the warnings will be provided by moderators on the forums.
  14. SBN Facebook Group users must not post links showing their personal contact details, including address; telephone numbers; personal email addresses; instant messaging details; links to personal blogs; feeds; websites; image sharing sites such as Pinterest or Instagram. Any posts providing personal contact details will be removed.
  15. SBN Facebook Group users must not identify individual health professionals (GPs, psychiatrists, nurses, therapists), NHS trusts or any other health provider in relation to discussions of what may have gone wrong in the care of the person who has died by suicide.
  16. With the sole exception of the Coronor’s inquest, SBN Facebook Group users must not post anything relating to an ongoing or pending court case. Any such post may be in contempt of court.
  17. SBN Facebook Group users should not post photos or links to photos that show themselves or others in an identifiable way, this includes using photos of real people as your avatar (profile picture).
  18. SBN Facebook Group users should not copy and/or paste copyrighted material into a post. Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity other than the member should not be posted on SBN Facebook Group without the written consent of the copyright owner
  19. There may times when posts don’t explicitly break the House Rules but might be extreme in nature e.g expressing suicidal thoughts in a way that exceeds the remit of a peer support community. In these cases we will always contact the user and offer support through private messages. In some cases, we may have to withdraw access to the account.

If you require additional information, please call us on 0300 999 0003 or email

14th June 2019


The decisions of the Administrators/Moderators are final and not subject to further debate either on or off the SBN Facebook Groups.


As the Facebook Groups evolve so too can the House Rules Policy; this may be added to and amended as necessary.


I accept and agree to abide by these House Rules.