Membership policy: summary

Section 9 of our constitution governs the formal management of membership of the organisation. This states that full voting membership is open to people bereaved by suicide, while associate membership will be available to others who support our aims. This will include mental health professionals, bereavement practitioners and volunteers.

People who have been bereaved by suicide often feel a need to translate their grief into positive action, and membership of Suicide Bereaved Network may be one way of doing this. Membership provides a way for people to benefit the organisation, informally by sharing experiences and ideas, and formally by voting in the Trustees. The membership policy:

  1. is free of charge.
  2. allows members to vote at our AGM.
  3. allows for members to express an interest in particular aspects of suicide bereavement, so that we can provide more personalised communications and services.
  4. allows for members to express an interest in volunteering for certain aspects of our work, to include:
    1. working with the media (e.g. giving interviews anonymously)
    2. working with academic researchers.
    3. participating in our own surveys (for service development).
    4. participating in our pilot projects.
    5. participating in creative projects, with artists, photographers etc.
  5. [planned] provides online services such as discussion boards etc.
  6. [planned]provides concessionary charges to our paid events.

Affiliate membership is available to anyone aged over eighteen who is interested in supporting our organisation, regardless of bereavement status.

Please email or call 0300 999 0003 to enquire about affiliate membership.