A New Look for our Network.

We are currently exploring the possibility of designing a new brand image for Suicide SBNwk_logo_High_Def_2x_WP_20180128Bereaved Network. Our existing logo was only ever meant as a temporary measure until we could develop our own distinctive brand. It’s based on this image of a beautiful tree (above) seen on a visit to Liskeard, Cornwall. We thought the tree image represented hope and the tangle of branches looked a little like a network. But this logo has now served its purpose and it’s time for a new look.

Though we’ve been mulling over this project for a while, we’re starting with a blank canvas.

We’d love to hear your ideas about what would make a good logo to represent us.

So far, we think the logo should be:

• simple
• distinctive
• meaningful (to represent suicide loss as opposed to any other loss)
• blue (this colour is calming)

There are lots of other aspects to explore – is there a visual image that would represent what we’re about or should our logo be more abstract?

Please email nina@sbnwk.org.uk if you have any thoughts on how our new logo should look.

19 June 2019


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