Update on our Logo Project: the story so far

Close up of artists hands painting on paper

Update on our Logo Project: the story so far

After three years of making do with a logo ‘cobbled together’ from a random image of tree branches, we have decided it is about time for Suicide Bereaved Network’s image to have a complete makeover. We have engaged a talented professional designer to work with us, but we need your input to make sure our final design is the best it can be, and that it represents as broad a range of experiences and perspectives as possible.

A huge Thank you to those of you who have already taken our three-minute mini-survey. Your input is so helpful and has given us so many great ideas. It will ensure that the final logo will truly resonate with people who have lost a loved one to suicide. A very special thanks to those of you who have shared your thoughts in the comments section of the survey. These comments really get to the heart of the problems of designing our logo. Just as the stigma around suicide makes it difficult to talk about it, it seems the same stigma makes it difficult to represent our shared experience in visual form.

Your comments so far cover a wide range of opinions, some of them contradictory – but that is only to be expected! Some of you prefer images of flowers, butterflies or doves, while others say the logo needs to express the pain of loss. Some want an image that expresses hope or recovery, while others emphasise the idea of a community coming together to support each other. Some mention the importance of representing the idea of ‘the big Why’.

What do you think our logo should include? If you identify as having experienced a suicide bereavement, and if you can spare two or three minutes of your time, please complete our brief anonymous Logo survey now.

Friday 5th October 2019


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